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NBT can help to find / apply Selected Items from international development
Programmes, in the Fields of "Known Sectors" (see: About Us), including some
innovative technologies, like

> GENOMICS Platform

Traceability Systems (*) for Patterning & Recognition of

- Veterinary/Human Specimens
- Food Materials
> New Materials

Technological Solutions (**) for Improving Performance of

- Biocompatible Materials
- Biopsensors

(*) Kard System for collecting / transporting / storing samples for Genomics analysis.
(*) Kit Package for patterning / comparing biological and food samples.

Pedegree Analysis Cultivar Characterization Food Control

(**) Customized Nanobead-Systems for binding / releasing reagents & immuno-agent.
(**) Biosensors for various applications in food control and diagnostics areas.

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